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Trax gold.gif
Release date December 2008
Category Trax

The traxgold, formerly called the Gold Traxmachine, is a furniture item that was uploaded alongside the traxsilver and traxbronze machines during 2008. It is one of the rarest Traxmachines on the Habbo.com (International) hotel, as it was only released to two users on the former Habbo.com (USA) site as a reward for a music competition. Although all other Traxmachines became untradeable and unplayable following Habbo Beta, it is not yet known, owing to the low number of them in existence, whether this one is as well.

The main function of Traxmachines was; to allow users to play collections of songs from the different Trax Discs which could be put in the machine - e.g. HabboSounds. In contrast to the other Traxmachines, traxgold, as well as the formerly named Silver and Bronze Traxmachines, are the only Traxmachines which were renamed following the Merge. They also do not have any furniture description data.

Habbo.com (USA) Release

During December 2008 a competition was released onto Habbo.com (USA), in which users needed to create the best original piece of 'Trax music' to help the character 'Foxy Aptenodyte and her band 'Penguin Funksation' (P-Funk) find their latest hit. The only rules were that the song needed to be original, displayed as a widget on the recording user's Homepage, and have 'powerful' lyrics. RollerKingdom and doglover53 were announced as the winners on 9th December 2008, and they each received:

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