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Joined Habbo 01-Sep-2004
Hotel Habbo.com
Originally from Habbo.com (?)
HxF username sexpot
Former Habbox Staff
Highest Role(s): Competitions Management

Stealth, also known as sexpot on HabboxForum, is aformer Competitions Manager at Habbox. She first joined the Habbox Help Desk in 2013 and later joined Content Design, News and Events. Most recently she has been an Events Organiser and Senior Help Desk Staff while also managing the Competitions department.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Competitions Manager 22-Nov-2018 01-Mar-2019
Senior Help Desk Staff 03-Oct-2018 27-Feb-2019
Competitions Staff 21-Aug-2018 22-Nov-2018
Events Organiser 01-Jun-2018 27-Feb-2019
Events Organiser 24-Oct-2017 Unknown
Help Desk Staff 04-Oct-2017 15-Feb-2018
Content Designer 01-Oct-2017 08-Nov-2017
Events Organiser 10-Feb-2015 23-Mar-2015
Help Desk Staff 07-Dec-2014 24-Mar-2015
Content Designer 24-Aug-2014 28-Sep-2014
Trialist Events Organiser 08-Sep-2014 09-Sep-2014
Senior Content Designer 15-Dec-2013 01-Mar-2014
Head News Reporter 29-Nov-2013 13-Feb-2014
News Reporter 22-Oct-2013 29-Nov-2013
Content Designer 20-Oct-2013 15-Dec-2013
Trialist Content Staff 02-Sep-2013 16-Sep-2013
Help Desk Staff 22-May-2013 28-Jun-2013

Awards and Nominations

Date Award Result
Jan 2019 Competitions Staff of the Year 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Kindest Staff of the Year 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Most Likely to End Up in Jail 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Moaner of the Year 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Biggest Troll 2018 Nominated
Jan 2019 Biggest Drama Queen 2018 Nominated
Jan 2017 Kindest Member 2016 Nominated
Jan 2017 Biggest Troll 2016 Nominated
Jan 2015 Best Troll 2014 Nominated
Aug 2014 Meanest Player - HxSS 2014 Won
Aug 2014 Black Team Top Scorer - HxSS 2014 Won
Jan 2014 News Reporter of the Year 2013 Nominated
Jan 2014 Content Designer of the Year 2013 Nominated
Jan 2014 Best Staff Newcomer 2013 Nominated
Jan 2014 Best Spammer 2013 Nominated
Jan 2014 Best Member Newcomer 2013 Nominated