Professor's Lectern LTD

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Professor's Lectern LTD
Professor's Lectern LTD.png
Release date September 2014
Category Limited Edition Rares

The Professor's Lectern LTD was a Limited Edition Rare that was released in September 2014. 84 units of this Rare was released into the Catalogue for the price of 500 Credits and all 84 units were sold.



Each user who purchased the item received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 53 different users have the badge.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated
1 Snotlout 24-May-2017
3 Funkyjen 24-May-2017
8 30up 24-May-2017
9 Redos 24-May-2017
14 supercurtis 19-Sept-2017
18 serasoldan66 24-May-2017
33 chidiva 22-Jan-2018
38 LaLaaLoopsy 14-Sept-2017
46 ThunderwolfX 08-Jan-2018
49 Cind3r 21-Sept-2017
60 MoHRooms 24-May-2017
71 Its.Dino 20-Jan-2018
77 Pareidolia. 24-May-2017
78 amor83 14-Sept-2017
Total 14/80
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