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! scope="row" | Total
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Noble and Silver Present2.png
Release date 2001
Category Arcane Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The poster_0_name is a Super Rare on Habbo, notable for being an abnormally unloadable item with no image or icon. Its exact origins are unknown, although it is believed to have been scripted on Habbo.co.uk in 2001-2002. Due to its rarity, most users sell it for high prices.

The name and description is 'poster_0_name' and 'poster_0_desc', respectively.

The infomatic box for Poster_0_name

Known Examples

There are at least twelve confirmed examples of poster_0_name on Habbo.com.

Owner Quantity Updated
Zak 6 02-Oct-2018
Airtime 2 02-Oct-2018
Jes (Inactive) 1 02-Oct-2018
Zh (Banned) 1 02-Oct-2018
Attached 1 02-Oct-2018
sprite27 (Inactive) 1 02-Oct-2018
ARGENTINIEN 1 29-Apr-2019
Total 12


  • When viewed in the marketplace or in a trade window, the name of the furni is poster__name.
  • The Habbo camera is not able to save photographs of the furni.

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