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| <span style="color: red;">Banned</span>
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| [https://www.habbo.com/room/69910625 v6]
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| 16-Oct-2020
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Green Parasol Open.png
Motto: Zon! Zon! Zon!
Release date May 2008
Category Super Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

White Parasol Closed.png

White Parasol Open.png

Parasol in 2008

Green Parasol Closed.png

Green Parasol Open.png

Parasol today

The Parasol is a super rare item on Habbo. It bears similarity to the Green Parasol, though with the title being simply 'Parasol' with the alternate description 'Zon! Zon! Zon!' (instead of Sun! Sun! Sun!). Commonly known as the 'White Parasol' or 'Zon Parasol' - its origins are somewhat arcane.


The origin of the Parasol on Habbo.com (International) mainly arises from Habbo.ca, where it was accidentally handed out instead of a regular Green Parasol during an old credit promotion on Habbo.ca in 2008. You would receive it if you bought a $10 Habbo Scratch Card (worth 50 credits) between the 19th and 25th of May 2008.[1] However users who redeemed the voucher noticed they received a White Parasol, instead of the advertised Green one. Habbo responded by changing the bonus rare to an Orange Parasol instead, which was given out for the rest of the duration of the campaign. [2]

There were also reportedly instances of Parasols on Habbo.com.sg, though comparatively fewer and mostly restricted to Staff Owned Rooms. About 20 Parasols also exist on Habbo.es where they were awarded to winners of a film competition in 2006. In contrast with other hotels, these Parasols did have the correct motto for their corresponding hotel "sol! sol! sol!", but their furniture name was initially titled as "Parasol pink" upon release despite their white colour. 18 of these Parasols can be seen on this website owned by Habbo.es user 'Mudo'.

Value & Status

No Icon on CA

When the Parasol was originally released it appeared white and displayed 'no icon' in the thumbnail box, though the motto read 'Sun! Sun! Sun!'.[3] It is assumed that these Parasols were the main basis for the version we know today, with one or two additions as unique super rare items, coded for whatever reason as Parasol and not Green Parasol, to then be merged onto .COM.[4]

This item was known for its errors, carried over from Habbo CA. It was often 'stuck' open or closed and did not respond to double clicking - though the thumbnail image displayed the item as closed. It would often not appear as a thumbnail in a users inventory or in trade boxes, this meant users would have to receive the traded items then drop the Parasol in the buyers room. After recent updates, when clickable furniture assumed a 'Use' button, the Parasol did not.

This issue has since been fixed since around summer, 2012. A collector named L33TH4BBO currently holds the most known amount of the item on one account, he set up a User Voice suggestion in the bugs category (explaining the issues above) on 7th April 2012. After receiving 'Under Review' status, the item was later fixed. The user also calls for the re-colouring of the item to white, though this has yet to transpire.[5]


Number Owner Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
blance. 1 13-Mar-2020 Active Stuff
.:xbigbenx:. 1 13-Mar-2020 Active "JUNGLE RESORT"
ImpAttack 1 13-Mar-2020 Active Shenk <)(> Museum of Doubles!
Zak 1 20-Jun-2020 DJ_Shadow Tribute
elcarz 1 13-Mar-2020 NFS ⭐ Super Rare Trade ⭐
Oddity 1 13-Mar-2020 Active Habbo Duplicate Museum v2
Zh 1 31-May-2020 Banned v6
[email protected] 1 16-Oct-2020 Active
Total 8/??


  • The name 'Zon Parasol' comes from its motto which is Zon! Zon! Zon!, this is actually the motto of al Parasols in Habbo.nl and means Sun! Sun! Sun!
  • In August 2006 Habbo Germany accidentally released this parasol instead of an orange parasol for around 3 minutes. It is now called "Blauer Sonnenschirm" ("blue parasol") beside the fact that it's green.

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