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| Cyberpunk Striders || [[Image:Clothing cylegs.png]] || 10-Sept-2020 || [[Image:CBP19.png]]
| Cyberpunk Striders || [[Image:Clothing cylegs.png]] || 10-Sept-2020 || [[Image:CBP19.png]]
| Cyberpunk Sneakers || [[Image:Clothing cytrainers.png]] || || [[Image:CBP16.png]]
| Cyberpunk Sneakers || [[Image:Clothing cytrainers.png]] || 15-sept-2020 || [[Image:CBP16.png]]
| Gas Mask || [[Image:Clothing cygasmask.png]] || ||
| Gas Mask || [[Image:Clothing cygasmask.png]] || ||

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Neo-Habbo Revisited
Release date September 2020
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
Previous Campaign
Habbo 20
Next Campaign
Impossible House

Neo-Habbo Revisited is the Habbo campaign that ran throughout September 2020. The campaign was a throwback to the Neo-Habbo range and campaign that came out in March 2015. The revisited campaign added some more rares and collectible clothing that fits in with Neo-Habbo's futuristic, sci-fi theme.



Eight collectible cyberpunk themed clothing items were released over the month. Each one came with a badge and there was an extra badge for collecting all eight.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Cyberpunk Visor Clothing cyhelmet.png 01-Sept-2020 CBP15.png
Cyberpunk Battle Armour Clothing cychest.png 04-Sept-2020 CBP22.png
Loc Buns Clothing cybuns.png 08-Sept-2020 CBP17.png
Cyberpunk Striders Clothing cylegs.png 10-Sept-2020 CBP19.png
Cyberpunk Sneakers Clothing cytrainers.png 15-sept-2020 CBP16.png
Gas Mask Clothing cygasmask.png
Cyberpunk Fins Clothing cyfins.png
Cyberpunk Holo Lens Clothing cyeyepiece.png



Everyone who collected all eight pieces of clothing also got a badge.

According to Habbowidgets -- Have this badge.

Autumnal Trees

Name Image
Autumnal Ash Tree Autumn c20 tree1.png
Bendy Birch Tree Autumn c20 tree2.png
Tall Fall Tree Autumn c20 tree3.png
Autumnal Cedar Tree Autumn c20 tree4.png
Autumnal Bird Tree Autumn c20 tree5.png
Autumnal Branching Tree Autumn c20 tree6.png


Name Image Badge
Cybernetic Faceplate Cybernetic Faceplate.png CBP12.png
Cyberpunk Robo-Wings Clothing r20 cyborgwings.png CBP11.png
VR Machine VR Machine.png
Autumnal Wishing Pond Autumnal Wishing Pond State 1.png

Room Bundles