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Welcome to Habbox Wiki, the Habbo Wiki.

We're the fastest growing and largest resource on all things Habbo, from up-to-date event information to detailed furni listings. Join the community today and help it further!

Habbox Wiki is the official Wiki site of, a fansite owned by sierk and :Jin:, managed by lawrawrrr. The Wiki site is run by Ekelektra, along with her dedicated team of Wiki staff. HabboxWiki is dedicated to bringing you the most accurate information about the world of Sulake's Habbo Hotel - search anything Habbo related in the search bar, and we will more than likely have a whole page of information on it! We currently have 2,267 pages on the Wiki and the list is rapidly growing.

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23 January 2021

Featured article

Habbo 2020

Homepage About New Site.png
Habbo 2020 is the new Habbo Client update due to be released by the end of the year. Now that beta testing has started we are learning more and more everyday about what features will come and go with the update, some of these changes have been reflected on the current client already.

To find out what we know so far about Habbo 2020 check out our article on it!

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Limited Edition Rares

New Year 2021

    Ltd21 unicornpup.png

    It's a new year! - And Habbo has lots of new furni (and a new client) for us this January!

    The New Year 2021 campaign running throughout this January brings lots of new rares, bundles, and a brand new LTD. There is also a new range of bundle exlcusive furniture known as Messy Room.

    See it all on our New Year / January 2021 page!

    Interesting Fact - The Full Wolf Moon

    • January’s Moon is called the Wolf Moon. The Saxon word for the month is “Wulf-monath” or wolf month.
    • This year, the full Moon is late in the month, reaching peak illumination at 07:16 P.M. GMT on Thursday, January 28, 2021. It can be seen rising from the horizon around sunset that evening.

Habbox History


Habbox was founded in the summer of 2003 by Mizki. Habbox started out as a small project for Mizki, but she soon started to realise that she needed other people to help her with the site. Sierk took an active development role until he was then handed the reigns and given full ownership of the site, which he has retained since. In late 2009, Jin became Co-Owner of Habbox after many years working at the site, as Sierk no longer took an active role in the ownership of Habbox; in 2014 xxMATTGxx became the 3rd co-owner of the fansite. However, xxMATTGxx resigned as co-owner in March 2017. Today Habbox is an official fansite managed by lawrawrrr, ozad and FlyingJesus. We provide a wide range of resources such as a radio, forum & a site full of useful information and guides about both Habbo and Habbox.

And now... Habbox Wiki!

The HabboxWiki project was opened in early 2012 to help offer the largest, most accurate collection of Habbo guides around. We currently have a wide range of guides all about Habbo, from furni to hotel staff! Why not try searching for a page in the search bar above? We will more than likely have a full page of information on your chosen subject. We also aim to add more guides to the site as Habbo expands and changes. If you have any suggestions and questions, then feel free to sign up to HabboxForum and send a PM to Ekelektra.