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Kitchen 2015 (also known as known as Cottage Kitchen) is an extended line of furniture released in 2015 for the Kitchen line which was released in 2009.


Furni Image Motto
Varnished Worktop Corner
Varnished Worktop Corner.png
You can still smell the pine.
Varnished Worktop
Varnished Worktop.png
Plates at the ready, please!
Varnished Kitchen Gate
Varnished Kitchen Gate.png
Professional chefs only.
White Restaurant Door
White Restaurant Door.png
A waiter's favourite teleport.
Red Brick Floor
Red Brick Floor.png
Rustique, but stains easily.
Blue Kitchen Lamp
Blue Kitchen Lamp.png
Spotlight on your food.
Blue Kitchen Table
Blue Kitchen Table.png
What a lovely spread.
Blue Cushioned Chair
Blue Cushioned Chair.png
Keep your guests comfortable.
Deluxe Dishwasher
Deluxe Dishwasher.png
An alternative to the kitchen sink.
Stainless Steel Oven
Stainless Steel Oven.png
Shiny outside, black inside.
Kitchen Sink
Everything but...


Furni Image Badge
Antique Crockery Cupboard Ktchn15 cabinet.png KIT01.gif
Bobba Juice Rack Ktchn15 bubblejuicerack.png KIT02.gif
Coffee Machine Ktchn15 coffeemaker.png KIT04.gif
Deluxe Refrigerator Ktchn15 fridge.png KIT03.gif

Room Bundles