Idea Agency Teleporters

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Idea Agency Teleporters
Idea Agency Teleporter.gif
Motto: Whatever your Idea, its better out than in.
Release date 2009
Category Super Rare
Value Habbox Rare Values

Idea Agency Teleporters were a special set of Teleporters which were designed for the Idea Agency campaign. They were given as a prize for the winners of the 'Design A Party Room' competition and as one of the prizes for completing the poll which was set up in the Zen Garden, which was randomised for players to receive one of the Idea Agency branded items. In total, there were 800 pairs of teleports released into the hotel.

The players who received teleporters from Lost_Witness for winning the party room winners were Plum4567, -Fire-Girl-, pRiNcE-jAy, Braddy99, well-u-called-1 and nic01e. The complete list of players who owned them from the poll is not available, but it has been assumed that many of the sets have been lost due to player bans.

When the Merge occurred, all of the Idea Agency Furniture was debranded, the cloudy white logo was removed and replaced with a plain green surface. Hover over the image on the right to see the re-designed item.

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