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Habbox.com September 2016

Habbox.com is the oldest Official Habbo fansite and its great departments help to make sure it's still the best fansite around. Habbox consists of Habbox, HabboxForum and as of 2012, Habbox Wiki.

The Radio

Habbox is famous for its strongest and most populous department, HabboxLive. The team of DJs make sure the radio is available 24/7 with your favourite auditory wonders.

News & Guides

Another popular part of Habbox is it's Articles department (Habbox Articles), that helps you keep updated on what is going on, both in and around Habbo. The articles are viewable from the homepage of the Habbox site and are great sources of information.

Content Design

Habbox also has another text based department called "Content Design" (Habbox Content Design) or, informally, Content. Their job is to keep pages on Habbox well up to date and create new pages for everyone to enjoy. They also compile some of Habbo's best guides from Habbo games to graphics tutorials.

Rare Values

Habbox Rare Values is the biggest and most efficient rare values system across all of the Habbo Fansites and is the best place to go for reliable information on rRares. The Rare Values team are very dedicated, and check Habbo every day to see if they've got the price of the Rares right.

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