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*https://status.habbox.com The Status of Habbox Websites
*https://status.habbox.com The Status of Habbox Websites
*https://www.habbox.com/staffupload/ Habbox content uploader
*https://www.habbox.com/staffupload/ Habbox content uploader
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Habbox logo.png
Opened 2003
Language English
Hotel Habbo.com
Owners sierk

Habbox was founded in the Summer of 2003 by Mizki. Habbox started out as a small project for Mizki but she soon started to realise that she needed other people to help her with the site. This is where Sierk came to learn of Habbox and he and Mizki soon became good friends. As Sierk took more of a development role for the site, he was then handed the reins and eventually full ownership of the site, where he has stayed ever since. In late 2009 Jin became Co-Owner of Habbox after many years working at the site, as Sierk no longer took an active role in the running of Habbox. Habbox consists of Habbox.com, Habbox Forum and new to 2012, Habbox Wiki.

Habbox is run by staff members across different departments, lawrawrrr is the main runner of the site whilst Jin and Sierk are inactive. lawrawrrr (General Manager) is accompanied by two Assistant General Managers which have their own section to run. These people are Despect (Community) and Shonly (Content).

Departments at Habbox

The Habbox has several departments without which it would not be able to operate, each department fulfils a key role within the collective. The departments include; the Help Desk, Events, Rare Values, Competitions, Content Design (and Site Coders), Forum Moderators, Articles, Graphics and HabboxLive. Although each department does not have the same involvement with Habbox and Habbo, the site could not run without each one. There is a large team of dedicated staff between the departments, overseen by the department managers and General Management. You can find out more about each department by visiting the Habbox Departments page.

Official Habbo events

Like other official fansites, Habbox has had the chance over the years to run official badge events on the hotel. The Room Builders department builds the games, while the Graphics staff create badges. Below you can see a list of events run by Habbox:

Badge Event Date Badge Event Date
UK187.gif Habbox Maze Winner Feb 2013 NT233.gif Habbox anniversary badge Jul 2013
UK270.gif Habbox Official Fansite Event Feb. Jan 2014 UK279.gif Purple Rose Badge Feb 2014
UK322.gif HabbCrazy + Habbox Easter 2014 Apr 2014 UK340.gif Habbox Memorial Day Badge May 2014
UK346.gif Habbox Father's Day Jun 2014 UK364.gif Habbox Moon Landing Jul 2014
UK371.gif Habbox Friendship Day Event badge Aug 2014 UK390.gif Back 2 School with Habbox Sep 2014
UK404.gif Habbox Habboween Event 2014 Oct 2014 UK414.gif Diabetes Awareness with Habbox and HabbCrazy Nov 2014
HS063.gif 12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 Dec 2014 DE232.gif You celebrated Chinese New Year 2015 with Habbox and HabbCrazy! Feb 2015
UK452.gif You celebrated Chinese New Year 2015 with Habbox and HabbCrazy! Feb 2015 UK457.gif Habbox Murder Mystery Mayhem Mar 2015
UK465.gif Earth Day 2015 wtth Habbox and HabboShire Apr 2015 UK472.gif World Cultural Diversity Day 2015 May 2015
UK482.gif Summer Solstice 2015 Jun 2015 IT384.gif Habbox Carnival Weekend Aug 2015
UK514.gif Back to School 2015 with Habbox Sep 2015 UK530.gif Fright Night with HFFM and Habbox Oct 2015
UK552.gif Habbox Christmas Elf Quest Dec 2015 UK582.gif Habbox Valentine's Event 2016 Feb 2016
UK602.gif Habbox Zero Discrimination Event 2016 Mar 2016 UK616.gif Habbox St. Patrick's Maze 2016 Mar 2016
UK650.gif Habbox Shakespeare's Birthday Event 2016 Apr 2016 FR437.gif Celebrate the Feast of Beltane with Habbox Apr 2016
UK655.gif Habbox Mother's Day Event 2016 May 2016 FR568.gif Habbo Stranded Episode IV Jun 2016
UK692.gif Happy 13th birthday, Habbox! Jul 2016 BR805.gif Habbolympix with Habbox! Aug 2016
UK710.gif VIP at the VMAs Aug 2016 UK730.gif Alien Abduction Oct 2016
DE503.gif Habboween Zombierun with Habbox Oct 2016 PT198.gif Habbox's day in the life of a dog Nov 2016
Badge11.gif I <3 the 90s! Jan 2017 UK798.gif Habflix and Chill Mar 2017
ES625.gif Hard CORE Apr 2017 UK815.gif I geared up for battle with Habbox! May 2017
UK820.gif Bricking it with Habbox Blox! Jun 2017 FR997.gif I found the secret stash of treasure with Habbox! Jun 2017
UK840.gif The Habbox Summer Spectacular Aug 2017 UK839.gif The Habbox Superhero Aug 2017
UK862.gif I escaped Cthulhu's Castle with Habbox! Oct 2017 TR439.gif I lived through the story of Bonfire Night with Habbox! Nov 2017
UK873.gif Home Alone with Habbox Dec 2017 ES56D.gif The Story of Rudolph with Habbox Dec 2017
PT409.gif The Flash with Habbox Jan 2018 DE720.gif Experiencing the great mute with Habbox! Jan 2018
UK891.gif Celebrating Anti Valentines with Habbox! Feb 2018 FR376.gif Back to the movies with Habbox! Mar 2018
DE961.gif Celebrating Easter with Habbox! Mar 2018 UK913.gif I repaired the robot in time for Habbox's Science Fair! Apr 2018
UK915.gif I went jellyfish catching with Habbox! Apr 2018 BR685.gif I attended the royal wedding with Habbox! May 2018

Discontinued Habbox Projects / Sites

Habbox has had many large scale projects and departments, whilst popular in the past, many of these services no longer serve a good role within Habbox. These range from old versions and skins to entire departments which were discontinued mainly due to the lack of demand from the Habbo public, or to be upgraded into bigger and better options. The full list of discontinued Habbox Projects can be seen on the Habbox Websites page.


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