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* FunkyHabbo
* FunkyHabbo
* .Tubes.  
* .Tubes.  
* House<br>
* House
* AussieGrown<br>
The EU Ambassadors are currently:
The EU Ambassadors are currently:
* Dragon-nccb  
* Dragon-nccb  

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Ambassadors Infobus

Habbo Ambassadors is a programme for experienced and helpful members of the Habbo community who assist hotel staff in guiding new users and moderating public rooms. The programme was launched in beta on Habbo.fr in July 2014 and arrived on Habbo.com (International) at the beginning of November 2014. The users who were given the (Master) Ambassador role were mainly selected upon their attitude, user warning/mute/ban history, guardian activity (Guardian votes etc) and their chatlog history. It was advised that if an Ambassador were to be seen misbehaving or abusing their power, either a Master Ambassador or a Staff member should be alerted.

Ambassador Badge

Duties & Powers


Ambassadors have two key roles in which they must Perform on a daily basis:

  • To greet and guide new users both around the hotel and in the special "new-user only" public room.
  • To moderate public spaces such as the Welcome Lounge.

Powers & Tools

To assist the ambassadors in their roles, they are given several tools to help them carry out their duties:

  • The power to send a pre-written alert to users warning them of their behaviour.
  • The ability to mute a user for 1 hour or 18 hours.
  • The ability to kick a user from public rooms.
  • The ability to see which users are new.
  • The ability of entering new-user-only lounges.

Recognising an Ambassador

Ambassadors wear a blue and gold badge to identify themselves. They also have the ability to turn on an icon that flashes above their avatar when they are on duty; this is normally only ever seen while they're present in a public room.

Ambassador Zarek displaying his Ambassador Badge.

Hierarchy & Organisation

There a two levels in the Ambassador system:

Master Ambassadors

Master Ambassadors help lead the programme, one specific major task for a Master Ambassador would be to lead a small team of Ambassadors. On Habbo.com, the Ambassadors are divided into teams by timezones (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific), there is one Master Ambassador overseeing and leading each team.

The USA/CA Master Ambassador is currently L0-VE
The OC Master Ambassador is currently Agesilaus
The EU Master Ambassador is currently Habtaz


Ambassadors are regular members of the programme, and report to their respective Master Ambassador on a regular basis. Both Ambassadors and Master Ambassadors carry out the duties listed above, and have the same powers - the only difference is that Ambassadors are not required to lead selective groups.

The USA/CA Ambassadors are currently:

  • Fable
  • j0zh
  • Knitty
  • Zarek

The OC Ambassadors are currently:

  • FunkyHabbo
  • .Tubes.
  • House
  • AussieGrown

The EU Ambassadors are currently:

  • Dragon-nccb
  • Kerbang
  • Markos
  • PixelSean
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