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[[Guess The Singer]] is a popular game on Habbo and to [[Habbox Events]]. The aim of the game is in the title whereby you must guess who sung a specific song.
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It can be a recent song,old song,popular song, or just an random song.
chairs usually pod but any will do
The game begins by players going into the game area which usually has seats to show that they are taking part. The questions then begin and the host will give a song name such as 'Laserlight' the first to guess the answer (Jessie J) will either get to pick to kick or win a point. This is repeated until there's either only one player left or a certain amount of questions have been asked thus the player with the most points will win!
This can be varied to ensure all genres and all age ranges are included in the game.
== Game Layout ==
[[Image:Fastest Typer.png|center|frame]]
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