Carl Waddlesworth III easel

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Carl Waddlesworth III Easel
Release date February 2013
Category Limited Edition Rares

The Carl Waddlesworth III easel was released on the 24th February 2013 as a Limited Edition Rare. There were 240 units available at 175 Credits each, and they all sold out within minutes of it entering the Catalogue.

The item was the fourth easel out of five to be released during the Valentine's 2013 campaign, and it was the cheapest in the set to buy. The 175 Credits price tag made players buy the product, as it was affordable to a lot of them. Many players thought the easels were too similar to the StrayPixels prize easels that players could win through the old competition; some however, liked that they resembled them and made them more inclined to purchase them.

Originally, similar to three of the other easels, the price began to decrease with many players panic selling after they didn't receive a sought after number. However, the price has increased over the years and they are worth well over their original selling price.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated
1  :ashez: 31-Dec-2017
4 deepvalve 24-Sept-2017
6 funkyjen 22-May-2017
8 30up 22-May-2017
9 MARUHA1 22-May-2017
24 Celerys 22-May-2017
37 MARUHA 22-May-2017
55 SUPER-LOAY 22-May-2017
64 Lewky 22-May-2017
69 jasehkins 28-Feb-2018
75 SUPER-LOAY 22-May-2017
77 House 14-Nov-2017
87 Blinx 22-May-2017
90 90Days 21-Sept-2017
99 ShortyAbba 22-May-2017
101 Promiscuous? 23-Oct-2017
116 teeeEye 22-May-2017
119 Joan 02-May-2018
122 x--Rosiie 22-May-2017
136 Guddah 22-May-2017
138 Tom.J 28-Apr-2018
155 choi 19-Nov-2017
169 Moonn6-Safety 22-May-2017
194 Amesly 11-December-2017
205 Lewky 22-May-2017
206 MoHRooms 22-May-2017
213 MissAlison. 24-Sept-2017
225 xFallen 18-May-2017
Total 27/240

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