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| motto = A door and a sunshade in one furni!
| motto = A door and a sunshade in one furni!
| release_date = July 2008 (Habbo.com)
| release_date = July 2008 (Habbo.com)
| category = [[V7 Rares]]
| category = [[V7 Rares]] <br> [[Ultra Rares]] <br> [[Marquees]]
| value = https://habbox.com/rares/ultra-rares/blue-marquee
| value = https://habbox.com/rares/ultra-rares/blue-marquee

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Blue Marquee
Blue MarqueeCropped.png
Release date July 2008 (Habbo.com)
Category V7 Rares
Ultra Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Blue Marquee is a Ultra Rare which was uploaded amongst other V7 Rares. The Super Rare was spotted in rooms on 3 different hotels and only given out on 2 different hotels. Many users were confused as to how it entered existence in Habbo.com, and the answer is via a 4th Of July Room Competition on the US hotel in 2008. Only 1 was given out thus making it incredibly valuable and the lucky winner was "Zoekimball". The Blue Marquee was also given out as a competition prize (or an accidental prize) in the Swedish hotel.

The Blue Marquee's motto is "A door and a sunshade in one furni!"


The Blue Marquee has been seen on 5 hotels in total, but only released on 3. Here is a list of all the sightings/releases:

  • Habbo.com - Released as a competition prize and spotted in "Le resistance" owned by brown-pants.
  • Habbo.se - Released as a competition prize (or an accidental prize).
  • Habbo.it - Spotted in "gelati" owned by jobi.
  • Habbo.ca - Spotted in "Sour Power" rooms during a Starbust promotion.
  • Habbo.de - Released as a competition prize

Known Examples

It is currently unknown how many Blue Marquees exist in Habbo.com but the known examples are listed below:

Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client) Owner
Ultra Rare Trade Forum iSmexi
In The Night Garden Zak
BelieveMe Rare & Super Shop R.I.P Nikefurnixo
Auction Time [email protected]

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