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| hotel = Habbo.com
| original_hotel = habbo.es
| join_date = 30-Dec-2011
| hxf_name = ARGENTINIEN
| hx_roles = <small> Rare Values Staff (Dec 2018 -) <br> Content Designer (Dec 2018 -) <br> </small>
'''ARGENTINIEN''' is a [[Habbo]] player since 2008. She started at the [[Habbo.es|Spanish hotel]] in February of that year and in 2017 she decides to play permanently at the [[Habbo.com (International)|English-speaking hotel]].
Since December 2018 she works as [[Content Designer]] and Rare Values ​​Staff on [[Habbox]].
She is originally from Argentina, and is interested in the history of certain furnies as well as she likes trading and market values.
She has been awarded as "'''Best Newcomer Trader of 2018'''"; "'''Most Ruthless Profiteerer of 2018'''"; and "'''Most Inspirational Trader of 2018'''" in the annual awards of the [[Ultra Rare Trade]] Forum founded by [[DJ Shadow|Dj_Shadow]], prevailing in the votes by a large majority.
Her favorite furnities are [[Pink Dragon Lamp]] and [[Infobus (Furni)|Infobus]].

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