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Ultra Rare Trade is a popular trade room on Habbo, and also home to the largest trading forum on the Hotel. The room itself is mainly used to display some of the rarest and most exclusive items on the Hotel and has become synonymous with holly garland walls, and a long, cluttered table of HC plasto - a signature of Ultra Rare Trade.

For a very long time Ultra Rare Trade was an exclusive trading group for well known and respected traders in the community, and as all members used to receive room rights automatically, you also had to be very trusted to join. Along with the revival of the Ultra Rare Trade Forum in October 2015, membership became open to everyone, however from then on rights were restricted to only the forum admins and therefore changed the nature of the trade room fundamentally.

Ultra Rare Trade is currently the Official Habbox Trade Room


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Game Hub
Opening Date February 2015
Closing Date Ongoing

Game Hub is an unlisted Public Room. The room is owned by official_rooms and is created by Habbo. It is accessible by searching official_rooms in the Habbo Navigator.

It was a redevelopment of the previous Games Hub owned by Habbo Staff Grecian9.


Previously known as the Games Hub, a campaign released by Habbo/Sulake which included various hotels and their users creating automatic game rooms and also many users trying out these games in the hope of winning prizes such as badges and effects. It started on September 17th 2012 where a new game or two opened each day to give users a taste of the games and the prizes. The rooms were limited to numerous players and sometimes only 15 members could enter the room at one time.



  • The ability to create a "Private/Guest Room" on Habbo.co.uk wasn't added until February 19th, 2001... 34 days after the hotel was open! Users had to use the Room-O-Matic in a Public Room to create a room as the option wasn't available on the Navigator.
  • The ability to password protect a Private Room on Habbo was first introduced during March 2001 and has remained for over 11 years!
  • The Public Room "Club Massiva" was originally "Club Slinky Helsinki" until a rename in June 2001.
  • Before Habbo Beta, a 'thumbs down' option existed on room rating, and room owners had the option to hide room rating from other users.
  • At some point in time, a Sulake pixel artist called armasK created a draft of a "Sauna." It was intended to be a Public Room easter egg, but it didn't make it into the hotel due to management considering it inappropriate for the young community.
  • "Old Skool Habbo" was a Public Room containing two rooms originally available in one of Sulake's previous inventions - "MobilesDisco" (created in 1999).