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Opened August 2000
Country Finland
Hotel Managers TBA
Habbo.fi (formerly HabboHotel.fi) is the Finnish version of Habbo hotel. In August 2000 the hotel was established by Sulake founders, and was the very first to open. Due to its history as the oldest community, Habbo.fi is frequently used as a pilot hotel for development projects and client updates. However, the hotel is relatively small in population compared to others, such as Habbo.es and Habbo.com (International). A large majority of Sulake's management staff work in the Finnish offices. Dee Edwards and Aapo Kyrölä teamed together to create the international game in many other countries including Habbo Hotel UK.

Many furniture ranges and features have been released on the Finnish hotel first. Most recently were Monster Plants which were initially released in Finland. The Finnish hotel is also the only hotel to have the old Beta Beds available, a relic from Hotelli Kultakala.


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Habbo.no (formerly known as habbohotel.no) was the Norwegian version of Habbo Hotel. It was first opened in June 2004 and was one of the oldest hotels until it closed down 29th of April 2015 - it was also the 10th community to arise. The Hotel has been the most active hotel in Scandinavia from about 2006 - 2013. Only a small handful of Staff have ever worked solely on this site, and the hotel is only accessible between 6 am - 2 am. The reason for this was that a lot of parents complained to Sulake that their kids wouldn't sleep and ended up playing all night and struggled to get to school in time in the morning.

Habbo.no has never been a pilot for many furniture items/Client Updates. The only noted example of a furniture item being sighted on this hotel before anywhere else is the case of the Yellow Rose (Valentines 2007) and the Pink Marquee, which has only been spotted on 6, sold in 1 hotel (Habbo.no) and given as prizes in 2 hotels. (Habbo.sg and Habbo.se)

Habbo.no Was also the very first hotel to get V7.

In total, 95 badges have been created solely for use on the Norwegian hotel.



  • Habbo Hotel was formed from a hobby project by Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä called Mobiles Disco, a virtual chat room for a Finnish Band.
  • In August 2007, Habbo's Chinese community closed down, the first time a Habbo website has closed.
  • In late May 2009, Habbo opened a new beta version, with a select group of Habbos acting as beta testers, before launching it officially.
  • Habbo.com.tr is the only Hotel which does not have a unique Hotel View - this is due to it being opened after Habbo Beta had been implemented.
  • Sulake are known to have at least two abandoned hotel projects: the Austrian Habbo Hotel and the Polish Habbo Hotel.
  • Habbo.dk, Habbo.no, and Habbo.se are the most recent hotels to be closed. All were shut down on 29th April 2015.
  • Several hotels have opening hours and outside of these hours the client is inaccessible to users. The only hotels without opening hours are Habbo.com (International), Habbo.es, and Habbo.com.br due to their popularity.