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Battle Banzai is an improved version of Habbo's old game, Battle Ball. Battle Banzai was released on 21 September 2010 along with a range of furniture to decorate rooms.
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Battle Banzai still uses the same concept of Battle Ball but with more features. There are also Achievements to be earned from playing Battle Banzai such as achievements for scoring a certain amount of tiles.


To play Battle Banzai, the host requires four pieces of furniture; a timer, scoreboards, tiles and changing gates. The players must enter the Battle Banzai arena through a changing gate to add a space hopper to their user, the color of the gate determines the color of the hopper a Habbo is on. There are four colored teams available for Battle Banzai which are; blue, purple, yellow and green. The actual playing field/arena depends on the hosts choice as they set out the playing field/arena themselves from the furniture purchased.

The game aims to lock the most tiles on the playing field. When the timer is up, or all of the tiles have been locked, the winning teams' locked tiles flash on and off and the winners from the team wave automatically. Then, the game resets, and all the tiles turn off.

To make things fair, there is a limit of five players per team. If a sixth player tries to get through the team's changing gate, they will not have a space hopper added to their avatar as there are already five players on the team. As soon as one person from that team leaves, another person will be able to join.


Featured Article

Grocery List
No. of players: 12

Grocery List is a team game on Habbo, where between the team you have to complete a "grocery list" decided by the host. Teams compete against each other in the first few rounds to complete the list, before being split into individual players from the winning team.

Generally, the game is split into four teams, with three players in each team, for a total of 12 players per round. Each team section contains a Black Hole, which is where the teams gain their hand items to complete the list.

In each round, the host gives a list of three items for each team to get from the Black Hole in their team area. The teams must then race to get all three items between them (no duplicates) to win the list for that round. The last team to have all three items is out of the game. Once one team remains, each of the players is split into separate areas and must race to get one final item.

How to set up

  • Add four sections of the playing area, with four separate queues (coloured rollers with WIRED gates are the general standard)
  • Set up a host area (you do not need a black hole or fridge, unlike Fridge Races etc
  • Add three seats at one end of each team playing area, and a black hole dispenser at the other end of each team area



  • Whether the first catalogue game is Battle Banzai is highly controversial! Habbo Finland users (and Habbo UK scripters) had access to a Tic-Tac-Toe Board game, and several users also scripted the Chess Board from a public room. They former was removed from the Finnish catalogue in 2001 due to bugs, and the latter was removed during a client patch in 2003.
  • Poker, Battleships, Tic Tac Toe and Chess, were also the very first official games! They could be accessed by going to the Cunning Fox Game Hall between 2001-2007.
  • When Habbo France upgraded to V9 in January 2006, Gaming Tickets were accidentally made free for a day.
  • Habbo Dreams was Sulake's first mobile game - it was released back in July 2005!
  • The Wobble Squabble area was once colored green and black for a Mountain Dew campaign!