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Mystic Fountain
Mystics rfountain-1 center.png
Release date May 2013
Category Limited Edition Rares

The Mystic Fountain was released on the 24th May 2013 for 350 Credits each and there were 180 units. It was only available via the Catalogue for a period of time during the Mystics campaign. It was a release of a recoloured, old school rare, which hadn't been done since the Bronze Pillow and Silver Pillow were released in January 2013.

Similarly with other Limited Edition Rares, as soon as a player bought it they were trying to resell it for less than its purchase value, ultimately making it fail. The description for the item was 'This thing doesn't just squirt water!'


Featured Article

Easter Catalogue Header.gif
Release date 2009
Season Easter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)

The Easter furniture range has been available since the beginning of Habbo but only has ever included 5 different items. The range has been reformed and some items have added to it but they were for very different occasions. Easter 2009 and Bunny Run saw a different take on the typical Easter celebrations.

However, the Squidgy Bunny specifically hasn't just been released for the Easter season as it has transformed into a mysterious Bunny for another promotion. It was also available in the Catalogue near Christmas due to it being a perfect gift for friends and a loved one.



  • Before the merge the only hotel to have the Orange Sleeping Bag was the United Kingdom.
  • From the merge until 2015, the 'Green Carp' had a typing error in its name and was called the 'Greep Carp'.
  • Lodge is a line of furniture on Habbo which has been featured in the Shop since Habbo's opening; it was expanded in 2015 for Habbo's 15th Birthday.
  • After the merge most Collectibles were renamed.
  • The first rare released in the Catalogue on Habbo was the Hologirl.
  • Some clothing are now items of furniture, and can be found under the 'Clothing' tab in the Catalogue.