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NBC Olympics
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The NBC Olympics was a six week event on Habbo.com in February 2006.

NBC Olympics

Olympics speedskater5.png

Calling all Habbos! Don’t quite have the speed for speed ice skating? Are your skills not up to par to participate in snowboard competition? Well, these are the "Olympics for the rest of us"! NBCOlympics.com and Visa want to help you take it to the next level as a "virtual" athlete in the Visa Championships-Torino 2006!

From now until February 9, you and your fellow Habbos can practice and qualify to compete in NBC's fast-paced on-line games prior to the Opening Ceremony in Torino. Then, you can race for prizes from February 10-26 when daily leaders in bobsled, snowboard cross, giant slalom, and the combined events are eligible to win prizes and post medals for local NBC affiliate teams!

Players and teams both win big! The player with the single best score in a combined event will be eligible for the Grand Prize -- a trip to the games of the XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, 2010. A second lucky player from the top medal-winning NBC affiliate team will also win a trip to Vancouver Olympics speedskater1.png

Olympic speedskaters.png

In addition, all players can compete for more than 200 prizes, including Visa Gift Cards, ISM Torino Games, and NBC Olympics baseball hats. Players on the top three medal winning teams at the lose of competition on Feb. 26 will be eligible for sweepstakes prizes, including Lenovo PCs and flat screen monitors, and ISM Games, among others.

NBC Olympics / Visa Challenge

Left If that’s not enough, Habbo Hotel is going to speed the competition into high gear! Be the highest ranked Habbo winner in the NBC Olympics/Visa Championship competition and you could win loads of prizes JUST for Habbos!!! When you register, you need to include the word Habbo before your name. Like, "Habbo Kedo". That way, we know the Habbos to give the prizes to!

Exclusive NBC Olympics Gear for Habbo Members Only!

  • NBC Olympics Torino Ski Jacket for the grand prize Winner
  • NBC Olympics Torino Fleece Jackets for the two runner-up winners
  • NBC Olympics Torino Baseball Caps for five runner-up winners

Grand Prize Habbo Package!

The Grand Prize is still being decided on, but keep tuned to find out what great Habbo prizes you can win!

Left* Weekly Habbo Prizes!

  • “Habbo Olympic Badge” for the weekly top three winners.
  • Snow Globe Rare for the weekly top winner.
  • Free one month Habbo Club membership for weekly top winner.
  • 25 Habbo Coins for the weekly top 10 winners.

Spread the word! You could win! Don’t forget to put the word Habbo before your Habbo Name and email address when you register! This competition is open only to residents of the United States.