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Manager: ThomasLaws
Operating Years: 2017 - present

The Habbox Recruitment was first started by Yuxin, but then she left Habbox. The department then closed until 30th September 2017 with despect as the manager. He has bright ideas for the department as well as Job Fairs to help bring staff to Habbox. After 53 days of despect being a manager, he handed over the reigns of the department to the new manager ThomasLaws who also has a lot of bright ideas for the department.

Departmemnt Structure

Job title Job description
(Assistant) Recruitment Management The Recruitment Manager, currently ThomasLaws, is responsible for ensuring the department is functioning perfectly at all times. He hires and fires as well as planning large events to make the department shine.
Senior Staff Senior Staff helps the department manager in running the department and making sure the staff meets their requirements. They also report any issues that may arise to the manager.
Staff A Staff member is those who recruit Habbo members into apply for Habbox by going to Habbox.com/jobs. They then receive a reward for it.

Recruitment Managers

Recruitment Manager Start Date End Date Length of tenure
ThomasLaws 22-Nov-2017 Present Ongoing
despect (Acting) 30-Sep-2017 22-Nov-2017 53 days

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