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Funky Friday logo.

Funky Friday was a weekly competition that ran on Habbo UK. Each week, a new competition would be released and Habbos could enter by ringing a premium phone line and answering a multiple choice question. The prize was often very large, instantly making the Habbo who won rich. There were also regular runner-up prizes - usually 50 credits were given to 10 runners up.


Original Magic Monday logo.

Originally, Habbo Staff ran a weekly competition called Wacky Wednesday, it was free to enter and the prize was 100 credits each week. In 2002, the competition was renamed as Magic Monday and a premium phone line was set up. From then on it cost 25p to enter, and each Habbo who entered would also receive 2 credits automatically, regardless of whether they answered the question correctly or not.

Eventually, the competition was changed again, and was renamed as Funky Friday, and the prize changed each week. Prizes would vary from the relatively cheap - one Christmas the prize was a collection of Christmas trees - to the very expensive, such as winning several Super Rares. At the end of 2006, the format of Funky Friday changed again. Now, Habbos could submit their own competition by submitting an introductory paragraph, question, three answers and a prize. The Habbo whose competition was chosen would win the prize they had submitted, and their competition would be used the following week. This led to prizes becoming increasingly large: prizes consisted nearly exclusively of super rares and thrones. The contest did not last long in this format, and sometime in 2007 the Funky Friday contest was discontinued.



In 2013, Funky Friday was revived on For three weeks in February and March, a poll was launched in a public room, asking one question with multiple answers. Once again "classic" rare furni was given out such as Holoboys. Habbos who participated in all three polls and answered one of them correctly would win a badge.

Funky Friday throughout the years