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A mix of Alhambra and Shalimar furniture

Cultural Furniture are ranges of themed furniture based on a country or continent. They started the ranges in 2006 with the very first cultural themed line named Asian.

Some of the ranges expand over time with releases of new furniture and campaigns.

African Savannah

See African Savannah for main article

The African Savannah furniture were released in 2010 and contained some characteristic savanna furniture like the Baobob Tree, Accacia Tree and Savannah Patch. Alongside this range the Pet Lion and Pet Rhino were released.

Later in 2012 some of the furniture were merged with the later mentioned Ancients range.


See Alhambra for main article

Arabian themed furniture released in April 2008. This line contains 16 pieces of furniture

Later recolored in 2014 as Habbo Club gifts


See Ancients for main article

This furniture range was a mix of Egyptian desert and some of the previously mentioned African Savannah furniture.

Released alongside the Footsteps of the Ancients campaign in 2012, this line contained 22 furniture and 7 effects


See Asian for main article

The first cultural furniture range introduced into the hotel.

The Asian furniture line is based on traditional Chinese furniture and released in October 2006. The line contains 19 pieces of furniture. This line expands and re release every year around Chinese New Year

China Town

See China Town for main article

In additional to the Asian furniture line the in 2012 China Town was released

4 new furniture were introduced, including a new set of teleports in form of a dragon.


See Greek for main article

When the Olympic games were held in Beijing in 2008 habbo released the Greek furniture range.

New trophies were introduced with a discus thrower on top of it. One of the trophies is a super rare due to the fact that no text being displayed when double-clicked.

It's a small range with only 9 furniture in it. However in 2015, 4 new furniture were introduced


See Santorini for main article

Based on the architecture of the Greek island Santorini, these blue and white colored furniture were released in 2017.

The line features some iconing furniture like the Santorini Bell and the donkey that is used for donkey rides in the capital of Santorini, Fira

Indian Palace

See Indian Palace for main article


See Japanese for main article


See: Dragon Ninja for main article

Shinobi (or Dragon Ninja) was a short range released in May 2012 along side a big campaign. Habbos could dress up as ninjas and with a special effect, which could be obtained by buying this furniture, they could disappear for a few seconds. The range was released along with old Japanese furniture and can be seen as the first extension for the Japanese furniture line.


See Shalimar for main article

Shalimar was the first Indian themed furniture range in the hotel. This range contains 19 colorful furniture and was released for Valentine's Day 2009.

The Lotus Pond that's in this line was popular for stacking a Lodge stool in it, so Habbos could sit in the lotus. The three curtains can be opened and function as a door.

The Palm Tree has a duplicated version.

Summer Bazaar

See Summer Bazaar for main article

Summer Bazaar is a mix of Arabian and Indian market inspired furniture. 21 furniture were included in this range as well as 4 rares and 1 Limited Edition Rare

Some of the furniture could be recolored by crafting, a Dye Bucket was needed for this as well as some of the three dye colors (blue, pink and orange)


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