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Fansite Name Year opened/closed Owner/representatives Features Image
Habboxic 2004-2005 K1k (owner and representative)
  • Rare Values
  • Radio
  • News and Safety News
HabboMeadow 2005-2008 Flumples (owner and representative), Kokey (owner), MrCone (representative)
  • News and Guides
  • Safety Advice
  • Forum
FlameHabbo 2007-2012 Sburns1992 (owner and representative)
  • Radio
  • Imagers
  • Guides
  • Blogs and Vlogs
Habulous 2013-2014 Puma (owner and representative), Alison (owner and representative), Mere (owner and representative), Usul (representative)
  • Rare Values
  • News
  • Guides and Tutorials
Habulousnet.PNG was a dutch habbo fansite. it was online from 2004 to 2013 and created by Gerben. The page changed later in the now famous


The fansite opened in 2004 and stayed open for a few months until 2005. It took pride in its Rare Values and offered a unique factor to Habbo fansites. The fansite had a radio, along with Habbo news and competitions - it managed to gain an entry on the list of fansites before the official fansites originally began. However, many saw Habboxic as a blatant copy of Habbox and due to this it was removed from the list and later closed.


HabboMeadow opened in 2005 and was better known as a resource site that many players used throughout the years it was open. Kokey, one of the owners departed from the site after it opened which left Flumples on his own. They managed to win many fansite awards and became an official fansite on the 4th December 2007 just a month before it decided to close for good. In January 2008 the fansite closed and now both the site and the forum links to


Originally, the fansite Habulous was known for its guides and tutorials, but it was soon targeted by many Habbo users and was seen as a more controversial fansite with who ran it. Many of the owners often faced backlash and was seen in a bad light and this continued when they gained the official status in March 2014. Unfortunately, the site only lasted 2 months after that before it was closed with many rumours speculating. It was one of the only sites to ever offer rare values which primarily focused on Super Rares and Limited Edition Rares. Upon its closure, it was stripped of the official status and the site no longer exists.

As fansites have been around for years, this page will introduce many closed fansites and include some information about them. Not all of them will have been official fansites, but all of them will be remembered by some players who might have gone on them in previous years.

HabboCafe/Habbucks The fansite name was originally HabboCafe and was owned by Mocolate. It was revamped under the new name Habbucks, but the old theme remained. In 2006 Kecio became the owner and it continued for a few years before closing. This was the first Habbo fansite to have a user system, meaning those who went on it could sign up and log onto the site. Evolution was the owner and was a well known Habbo due to winning the 'Be Hotel Manager for a week' competition. It has since closed.

YourHabbo This was a fansite with an extensive user system, due to how many badges could be earned by it. Overall, it became rather popular as players wanted to earn the badges on the site and it was one of the longest running fansites at the time. It was also known for giving user system badges as prizes to Habbo games. It closed at the beginning of 2010, but players could still see some features on the site until later that year.

HobTech The fansite was originally run by a team of Hobbas that specialised in the technological assistance and support side. However, it expanded to create a help desk and was known as a help orientated site run by the ex Hobba Floyd. Unfortunately it wasn't very active at fansite drop ins. As it was run by Hobbas, the site now redirects to


ClubHabbo originally began in March 2006 under the owners SkaterChu and SteveBrown03 although many knew SkaterChu more. SteveBrown03 left owner by 2007 and SkaterChu owned it on his own until it closed in February 2013, almost 9 years after it opened.

Although SkaterChu is from the United Kingdom, the fansite aimed to cater for the American and Canadian Hotels too, so much that they became official on, and later planned on becoming official on too.

There were various Habbox faces that were present at ClubHabbo, including Adzeh and Nixt, but the most known was Xarea. He helped open ClubHabbo in 2006 with the help of SkaterChu and was known on Habbox as a News Manager too.

ClubHabbo managed to retain its official status until its closure, and since then the site has become unavailable.


Habbo-Charts was an unofficial fansite that had various owners whilst it was open including Sentax, Fliiz and iWhizz. It began on and had its own radio.

The fansite itself didn't grow in terms of members due to the lack of advertising done on behalf of the volunteers who helped, and due to that it closed a short time after.


MyBobba was a Habbo fansite that opened in 2013 and closed the same year.

2012/2013 Fansites

In 2012 and 2013, a raft of new fansites popped up as Habbo announced they were searching for new fansites. Many of these were made specifically in order to become official and many closed within a few months. Examples of fansites that opened in this era include HabboExtra and HabHome.

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