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A Booster or (sometimes known as an AFK Booster) is a room in which people can get fast and easy Achievements

Types of Boosters

All in one Booster

Contains all the elements described below

Banzai Booster

At a Banzai booster, Habbos can get Battle Banzai achievements easy and fast by just joining a team. Just like normal Battle Banzai, there has to be 2 players to actually achieve these badges. One player has to color tile(s) while another player has to join a different team then the one on the tile(s). If another player joins the same team of the one on the tile they will automatically gain achievements.

The most easy way is to place 1 Banzai area tile on the floor and stack 2 Random banzai teleports above it.

Football Booster

At a Football Booster, Habbos can get Football achievement fast and easy by just standing on a roller. This roller has to be wired with WIRED Effect: Teleport To Furni and WIRED Trigger: User Walks Off Furni.

A football booster mostly contains more then 5 Football Goals and Game balls or Banzai Pucks.

Freeze Booster

Freeze Player

Freeze Power-upper

Horse Booster

Skate Booster

Habbolympix Booster